The Importer of Record (IOR) is officially noted by many governments as the owner or purchaser of the products being imported into a destination country.
Furthermore, the Importer of Record is the responsible party for the payment of duties, tariffs, and fees of the imported goods.

An importer of record is a person or entity that has the legal responsibility to ensure that any good being imported complies with the legal requirements established by local and federal authorities.

In other words, It is a designated individual or company that assumes full accountability for what is being. We also offer IMPORTER OF RECORD SERVICES (IOR).

Not-for-sale transactions do not have a customer; therefore with no one on the receiving end to clear and deliver the goods with the Best Lead Times, we are willing to take the responsibility The customs clearance process in Nepal is complex and needs to be carefully managed. There are numerous complexities in the documentation needed as well as the clearance process itself.
In Nepal, no goods can be imported without the involvement of banks of Nepal i.e. the goods are allowed to import into Nepal either by letter of credit or advance payment (pre-paid) through bank only.

Only diplomatic goods or diplomatic privileged person are allowed to import to Nepal after obtaining (DEC) Duty exemption certificate from the government of Nepal.

Hence, Standard IMPORTER OF RECORD (IOR) processes involves a local Government registered trading Company importing the goods/equipment under the tax code by paying all government taxes and vat as per custom tariff and then transferring ownership of the goods to the end user as SEA SKY CARGO SERVICE as freight forwarder cannot import the goods/equipment.

Thus in Nepal, the IOR process is more complicated and the cost involved is high due to various factors.

In order to successfully execute a clearance, the goods/equipment being shipped must go through a process that simulates a commercial transaction.

We can arrange for IT Equipment and other Goods Quickly and compliantly with an Importer of Record.

An importer of record is responsible for:-
1. Ensuring that the goods obey the import regulation set in the country.
2. Payment of duties, taxes, and any other fee required while importing goods.
3. Filling the right permits, documents, and licensing of the goods.
4. Product classification.
5. Border and customs protection.
6. Aid with accessing custom bond paperwork for imports.
7. Ensuring that they have a power of Attorney at hand in case the importer cannot be
there during the delivery time.


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