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A fully fledged Removal Division of Sea Sky Cargo Service (P) Ltd provides world class professional door to door International Packing, Moving and Storage services of your household goods and personal effects
We have been serving with our professional service to, UN, WHO .UNICEF, EMBASSIES, Diplomats, INGO etc.
Our service is designed to meet the exact requirement t of our customers since 33 years We are able to offer our multi-national clients a comprehensive removal and relocation service with the use of quality packing materials (all cartons corrugated sheets and Plywood boxes we have packing staffs that have best knowledge, and are highly trained & experienced workforce choosing the best mode of transport.


Whether a personal move, a corporate move, a factory relocation or fairs and exhibitions, SEASKY REMOVALS can fulfill all your moving requirements and ensures quality, safe and timely arrival and delivery at destination. We are the proud member of many networks of professional moving companies dedicated to making your move successful every step of the way which certainly provides us the opportunity to work with only the best moving companies in the world.

• Full Origin service and Destination service on offer.
• Pre move survey by English speaking and highly trained crews.
• Supervised packing services by experienced representatives.
• Highest quality of packing materials to international standard, ensuring maximum protection for delicate and fragile items.
• Special crates will be offered or provided when required.
• Competitive quotations choosing the best mode of transport.
• Constant monitoring during the entire moving process from start to finish.
• Automobile shipments (containerized or Break bulk).
• Pet shipments.
• All risk household insurance protection at a very competitive premium.
• Constant follow up in case of an insurance claim.
• Storage and distribution.

SEA SKY CARGO SERVICE (SSCS) specializes in providing an international removal services for individuals,companies and agencies worldwide not only from Nepal and Bhutan but also from other South Asian countries and is able to give prompt and personalized services with the help of our trusted, and reliable associate companies in South Asian countries with whom we are working for last 34 years,
We consider that the key to success is ability to manage consignment delivery at every stage-from Collection to Delivery-as quickly, as efficiently and economically as possible Sea Sky cargo service has the resources and expertise to ensure that your consignment is delivered to the right time, at the right time and at the right price
Whether importing overseas shipments or exporting, SEA SKY CARGO SERVICE can coordinate pick-up and freight delivery to assure your cargo arrives timely and efficiently. This hassle-free door-to-door cargo services enables you to transport your goods door-to-door without employing a dedicated staff or conducting timely freight research. That’s why our clients consider us an extension of their operation, representing them with integrity and professionalism at all times.


SSCS has a team of carpenters on site for making Boxes as well as on-site packing as it gives customers the opportunity to verify the quality of work first –hand.. They can personally supervise and monitor ensures that the packing meets the entire customer requirements. Distinguishing features of Sea SKY Cargo Service (P) Ltd are reliability, responsibility, highest level of quality and competitive pricing.
• Import and export customs clearance of household goods and commercial shipments.
• Full destination services: unpacking, assembling of furniture and debris removal.
• Full origin services: professional packing of household goods with high quality packing material, crating of fragile items and art objects.
• Air freight, sea freight and surface transportation of shipments all over the world
• Oldest company in Nepal; providing household goods and personnel effect since 1988
• 33 years of our existence is our certificate of our sincerity, reliability, Excellency in the job entrusted to us.

An important aspect of international shipments is the customs regulations, stipulations and peculiarities of the particular countries involved. Nepalese customs regulations are complex and cumbersome. Customs authorities ensure that the appropriate customs revenues are raised by enforcing strict import and export regulations. Here’s a general guideline for importing/exporting of household goods and personal effects through Nepalese customs:

All shipments are subject to inspection. The customer must be present during the Customs clearance process. Used household goods and personal effects, which are for daily use such as clothes, books, kitchenware, glassware/china and some furniture are allowed duty free for non-diplomats if they have an Import Permit. All items deemed duty free must enter Nepal within six months ofthe customer’s arrival into Nepal.

Required Documents:
Passport including photo page
Customs Transit Declaration (CTD) – required for shipments cleared at Indian ports of entry
Bill of Lading/Air Waybill
Comprehensive valued inventory – in English, “Misc.”, “PBO” are not acceptable
Letter of Authorization – allowing Destination Agent to clear shipment
Insurance Certificate – must be original
Import Permit – obtained from the Department of Commerce, can take up to 2 weeks to process
Residence Visa
Work Visa
Customers contact phone number and address in Nepal

Foreign Nationals & Returning Nepalese must also provide the following:
Passports of every family member
Certificate from Employer stating income source
Import License – issued by the Department of Commerce

Diplomat Status:
Foreign diplomats, members of government or international organizations are granted tax and duty free entry of their used personal effects and household items with approved Diplomat Status. As a courtesy, diplomatic shipments will not be inspected. CIF Value must be stated on the Exemption Certificate.

Privileged Status:
Applies to members of government, international organizations or embassy workers with non-diplomatic status. They are granted duty free entry of their personal effects and used household items. These shipments are subject to inspection. CIF Value must be stated on the Exemption Certificate.

Required Documents:
Diplomatic Exemption Certificate – issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Diplomat status)
Duty-Free Exemption Certificate – issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Privileged status)
Passport copy
Comprehensive inventory list in English

Electronics and electrical items must list make, model and serial numbers
Firearms require an original invoice & registration at origin.
New items require original receipts & Certificate of origin
Medications – require original containers, a copy of the prescription & list of generic names
Plants & plant products including seeds and fruits require an Import Permit obtained through the Plant Quarantine Department, & a Phytosanitary certificate issued from the place of origin
Antiques, pure silver & gold must be declaredupon arrival & must be re-exported upon departure
Alcohol – not to exceed 1.15 litres or 12 cans of beer
Tobacco – not to exceed 250 grams or 250 cigarettes

Narcotics/illegal drugs of any kind
Pornography in any format and subversive material
Explosives, ammunitions and weapons
Beef and any products containing beef

Only those with privileged status are allowed to import a vehicle duty-free. Two-stroke motorcycles and three wheel vehicles are prohibited. Vehicles over 5 years of age are not permitted entry.
Required Documents:
Certificate of Title and Registration – must be original
Commercial/Purchase Invoice – must be original, state make, model, year of manufacture, engine and chassis numbers

Nepal Customs Regulations : –
For Importation of Household Goods and Personal Effects

1. Diplomatic Shipment:

A client entering Nepal in a Diplomatic status requires duty exemption letter from
the Government of Nepal in order to bring to Nepal their goods via air or sea. Their local offices apply for duty exemption to the Foreign Ministry and after receiving the duty exemption certificate, it is handed over to us. Then the process of custom clearance begins. The consignment is neither opened nor checked by the Nepal customs and
allowed into Nepal without Duty and Taxes.

2. Duty Free Privilege Shipment:

For client only enjoying duty free privilege it is necessary to obtain duty exemption
from the Government in order to bring to Nepal their goods via air or sea. Their local offices apply for duty exemption to the Foreign Ministry after receiving the Duty exemption certificate; it is handed over to us. Then the process of custom Clearance begins. However, the consignment are opened and checked by the Nepal customs and allowed into Nepal without duty and taxes.

3. Expatriate in Nepal under Resident / Work visa:

For expatriate living and working in Nepal it is necessary to obtain an import license (permission to import the goods to Nepal) from Commerce Department of Nepal Government for sea shipment For this they have to apply in person with invoice (Only for Custom purposes), packing list, passport copy, visa copy and proof of permit to stay and work in Nepal. A work letter from the local employer and a passport copy will be sufficient for air shipment However, the owner must be present during custom clearance for Air shipment The duty and taxes is still applicable in electric and electronic items, furniture etc new or used The duty and taxes depend on the custom inspector during inspection of the goods.

4. Returning Nepalese Nationals:

For a returning Nepalese National, an import license from Commerce Department of the Government of Nepal and income certificate from the previous employer abroad are required for sea shipment. They also need proof of entry in Nepal. A work letter from previous employer abroad and a passport copy and proof of entry into Nepal only are required for air shipment. Further the owner must be present during custom clearance in air shipment and not needed in most cases in sea shipment. The duty and taxes is still applicable in electric and electronic items, Furniture etc new or used. The duties and taxes depend on the custom inspector during inspection of the goods.

5. Automobiles

Nepalese Government has revised the used vehicle policy for diplomats according to which the diplomats can import their used vehicles on the following conditions :

a) The vehicle is at least Euro III Emission standards compliant

b)It will be taken out of Nepal after completion of Diplomat’s tenure in Nepal

c) If the origin country (for example USA) has an emission standard other than Euro III, then a certificate from a reliable body such as the manufacturer, dealer or a government body will have to certify that the vehicle’s emission standard such as Tier 1 is equivalent of Euro III Non Diplomats, Expats without duty free status and local Nepalese are still not allowed to import any used vehicle in the country.

6. Banned Items:

Beef in any form, Arms and Ammunition, Pornography electronic or printed, Drugs and narcotics, Communication Equipments (unless permitted by the Communication Ministry)



SEA SKY CARGO is an International Air and ocean shipping company which is focused on Project, Break-bulk, Abnormal, Over-sized, out of Gauge and Heavy lift cargoes, Event logistics, Importers of record (IOR) and has a separate unit to handle Household Goods and Personal Effects that moves the cargo from “ANYWHERE” in the world to “ANYWHERE” in the world (“AT ALL PLACES OF WORLD”).


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